About the Academy

Brookwood International Academy is an independent Academy specialising in clinical research and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training and certification for a wide range of commercial and non-commercial organisations. It is part of Canary Ltd.

The first 'Brookwood' course was delivered in 1985. The Academy has now trained thousands of clinical research staff and investigators from more than 60 countries worldwide. Courses have been held throughout Western Europe as well as in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, USA, South America, Australia, Singapore and Japan. In addition we deliver high quality narrated online training, enjoyed by participants globally.

Brookwood International Academy of Healthcare Research, now known simply as Brookwood International Academy, was founded in 1996 to enhance the previous training services by providing independent examinations and certification:

  • we specialise in clinical research and GCP training
  • our courses are always fully up-to-date
  • we use interactive teaching methods using a mix of presentations and tasks
  • we have considerable experience teaching participants from overseas
  • we have established excellent corporate training programmes
  • we have developed independently assessed examinations leading to certification of competence
  • we have undertaken courses and optional certification for trial sponsor personnel, investigators, study site co-ordinators, administrators and secretaries
  • we have experience training members of national ethics committees and members of regulatory authorities, including inspectors
  • we train undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Surrey and other academic centres
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